Kaihatsu Muramura Mode

Author: Itsuki Makoto

Status: Completed   

Genre: Comedy , Romance , School Life , Yaoi ,

Update: Nov 25, 2014

Kaihatsu Muramura Mode

Next update: about Dec 02, 2014


 Collection of short stories: 1-2) Ino and Takaya are schoolmates and childhood friends. Ino has a weak spot - a mole on his cheek. What will happen when Takaya takes advantage of it? 3) The story about Masaki and Haru, who share a room in dorms. They're secretly dating. Will they have a chance to spend some time together after the end of exams? 4) The story of perfect couple - Junji and Misaki. They're completely head over heels for each other. Is it possible that jealousy will destroy their extremely intense relationship? 5) Chihaya is kind and gentle lover, but Jun dreams about his partner going wild. He asks for help his friend. Will this bring him happiness? 6) Tanigawa sensei teaches his pupil Sano-kun how to relieve stress. What's gonna happen when he'll lend him a "helping hand"? 7) Short story about Jun and Ryo who, before they become brothers through their parents' marriage become lovers. 8) Extra story to 1-2). Takaya buys some sex toys...


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